Why Should You Upgrade?

I borrowed the following from Emily Aulicino, the administrator of the Talley/Tolley Project:

We really need everyone to have a minimum of 37 markers and it’s best to have at least 67 markers if 111 is impossible. 

Why should you upgrade?

  • If you have only tested at a 12 or 25 marker your matches are not within genealogical time, but with an upgrade they could be.  We don’t know until you upgrade
  • By upgrading you eliminate those matches who aren’t as close to you as they would be with less markers.  This puts you closer in time to your matches and means you have a more recent common ancestor.
  • If your group has a lot of differences among you, upgrading could put you closer together or eliminate those who aren’t closely related.  This can help you focus on lineages that are more closely related to you.
  • If you match a lot of people (with or without the Grant surname) you can determine if some of them in this larger group are more closely related to you than the whole group is.  That is, if you upgrade to a 67 or 111 test, you may find that you have a particular mutation that matches only a couple of others in the larger group.  This means you who have this mutation are more closely related and have a common ancestor with each other.  This doesn’t mean you aren’t a member of the larger group, however and you do have a common ancestor with the whole group.  It is just that the common ancestor with the larger group is farther back than the one you would have with others who have your particular mutation.
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