Code of Ethics Standards – June 4, 2013

The following information is from the ISOGG (international Society of Genetic Genealogist) Yahoo DNA Project Administrators Forum Group.  Our project, and hopefully all projects, adhere to the standards referred to in the article.

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Admin Guidelines -> WAS: Re: Tilting by “katherine_hope_borges” katherine_hope_borges

Admin Guidelines -> WAS: Re: Tilting

Sun Jun 2, 2013 7:52 am (PDT) . Posted by:

“katherine_hope_borges” katherine_hope_borges

Hi Debbie,

ISOGG has a (dormant) ‘Guidelines Committee’ and this is the page we came up with several years ago for project admins:

You are welcome to move it into the wiki pages.

Kind regards,

— In, “Debbie Kennett” <debbiekennett@…> wrote:
<SNIP> I would like to see ISOGG lead the way by providing something
> like a Code of Ethics for genetic genealogists and for project
> administrators, perhaps developing the work of the Genealogical Standards
> and Guidelines of the National Genealogical Society:
> or following the example of the Association of Professional Genealogists:
> I would also like to see us provide some best practice guidelines for
> project administrators.
> I see some testees, and sadly some project administrators, who have little
> regard for the privacy of other testees. I’ve come across several people now
> who have withdrawn from projects because of the way they have been treated
> by project admins.
> Perhaps while you’re all together in Burbank you can discuss some of these
> issues and see if there is a way forward.
> Best wishes
> Debbie


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