FTDNA to Make Changes to GEDCOM Files

If you have not been on your personal FTDNA page, you will be surprised to find your page open in a Beta format.  And, if you have uploaded your GEDCOM file(s) in the past, you will also see at large box with a tree representing a family tree and will include the word, GEDCOM.

When you click anywhere in the box, it will show a message that says, “We are currently transitioning to a combined GEDCOM system at Family Tree DNA. By the end of 2012, all paternal and maternal GEDCOM files will be purged from Family Tree DNA records. When you upload a combined GEDCOM, your existing paternal and maternal GEDCOM files will be overwritten and replaced with your combined GEDCOM. To upload a combined GEDCOM, click the Next button.” and also shows your Paternal and/or Maternal Pedigree lines.  On the same page, there is an orange box that will allow you to upload a new GEDCOM file.  Before you can do that, you need to know where your GEDCOM file is located on your computer. (By the way, in the future, only combined Paternal/Maternal GEDCOM files will be allowed.)

In my case, I went to my Family Tree Maker 2012 and found my name in the index.  I clicked on it to show my ancestry tree.  I then went to File-Export, then selected Output Format and then clicked on GEDCOM 5.5.  I then  followed the bouncing ball to the screen where it allowed me to select the file location to save the GEDCOM file.

Once saved, I went back to my personal page on FTDNA to the GEDCOM page where I clicked on the orange box to upload the file.  It asked for
the file location.  Once found, it automatically uploaded it to my FTDNA account.  I was able to view the pedigree chart for nine levels.

Once I did that and went back to my opening page, the tree and GEDCOM were gone. (it gets a little tricky at that point as I could no longer find the GEDCOM link.  I noticed that there was a link on the left margin tht allowed me to revert to the previous version of program where the GEDCOM is easily seen under MY ACCOUNT title.

I have since found on the new format that the GEDCOM page can be found on the left margin under Profile – Manage Personal Information.  It takes you to the myFTDNA – Account Settings.  Look at the 4th tab below the title where you see Genealogy.  Click on the Genealogy tab and you see the GEDCOM information.  There you can control who to hide as well as view or delete your pedigree chart.

As a result of all this work, the old GEDCOM information was deleted.

Now, if you did not have a GEDCOM file uploaded to FTDNA, as you mouse over the tree, a note will come up saying that you have not entered any ancestral information, etc.

Individuals who have been tested for Family Finder have been encouraged to upload their GEDCOM data.  That data is not being affected by the forthcoming changes, so I  have heard.

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