NATGEO 2.0 Test to Replace Deep Clade Test

Some of you may have been following to discussion of the new National Geographics NATGEO 2.0 test kit for $199.  The NATGEO 2.0 test kit is NOT a FamilyTreeDNA project, but is being done in corraboration with National Geographics.  However, test results will be published on each person’s FTDNA personal page.  In essence, the Deep Clade testing offered by FTDNA will go away and will be replaced with the NATGEO 2.0 test.  You will NOT be able to purchase the test kit from FTDNA.  When a NATGEO  2.0 test kit is purchased, the participant will do a cheek swab and return the sample just as one did when purchasing a Y-DNA kit.  It will take about six weeks to receive the results once it is received by the lab.  To purchase a test kit, go to the FAQ link below and scroll to the last question.

An earlier article was posted to on August 19.  If you read it first, it will provide you with an understanding between STR (short-term results) tests and SNP (long-term results).

This is a work in progress.  So, some of your questions can be answered below, especially the FAQ page on the FamilyTreeDNA site, noted below.  There are some who believe that the world of genealogy DNA is on the edge of some significant changes.

The following four articles address the new test:

Introduction to the NATGEO 2.0- New Test

Bennett Greenspan’s Comments – Comments

FTDNA FAQ regarding National Geographic project – FAQ

Blog explaining some of the issues – Blog

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