“G” Haplogroup/SNP Project Discussion

(In response to any inquiry.) I don’t have much G2 knowledge.  So, I went to the Internet for more information.  Have you seen the following wikipedia.com reference, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_G_(Y-DNA)?

The following is an excerpt from said site related to G2a3b2 (L177+).

This G2a3b2 group is certainly smaller in numbers of men included than G2a3b1, but only a small amount of testing has occurred for the L177 mutations. So far, the men positive for this have listed Irish, English, Dutch, Lebanese and Turkish (Armenian surname) ancestry. Several L177 subgroups based on shared STR marker oddities exist.

The number of STR marker values separating men in this group suggest G2a3b2 is a relatively old group despite the small number of men involved. [16]  The mutations involved are complicated and difficult to interpret. The L177.1 component is found at Y chromosome position 23397163; L177.2 at 25030912; L177.3 at 25750264. [17] This SNP was first identified at Family Tree DNA in 2009.

Have you already joined the project, G Haplogroup (Y-DNA)?

If so, you’re probably familiar with the project site, www.familytreedna.com/public/G-YDNA/.

If you haven’t, you need to engage the project administrators for this project.  Ask them to share what they know about this haplogroup.  Also ask them if they have message boards/discussions that you can follow.  When you join these haplogroup/SNP projects, you gain access to the experts that are spearheading the research and the discussion.

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