My Email Address has Changed

Every time we send out a broadcast message to the entire Grant DNA Project group, we receive Undelivered email messages.  This message occurs when a participant changes his/her email address, but fails to make the change on their personal FTDNA page.  If you want to make a change or correct an error, you are the only person who can do that.  Administrators have been blocked from making any changes to a participant’s personal information, as of the rolling out of the Gap 2.0 program.  Below are the steps to changing your email address:

  • Open your FTDNA personal page.
  • Scroll down to My Account shown in a navy blue box.
  • Click on Contact Information.
  • Scroll down to Primary E-mail and make your change.
  • if you want to include an additional email address, place it in the Additional E-mails box (you will receive two emails when we send a broadcast messages).
  • Click Save.
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