Delete My Email Address Question

Sometimes, when we send out a broadcast message to the entire Grant DNA Project group, we receive an email from a recipient asking to be removed from the email list.  Until the new Gap 2.0 program was released, we were able to make changes to participant’s personal contact information.

With Gap 2.0 in place, administrators no longer are able to make changes.  Only the participant can change his/her personal information.  Here are the steps to take to stop receiving email from our project:

  • Open your personal page using your Kit# and password.
  • Scroll down to where you see My Account in a navy blue box.
  • Click on Personal Profile.
  • Directly under myFTDNA – Personal Profile you will see five tabs.  Click on Account Settings.
  • Below the tabs you will see four settings to the right of Personal Profile Settings.  Click on Match and E-mail Settings.
  • You will find several groups of settings.  Look for Project E-mail Settings.  You have two choices to the question, “Subscribe to ‘bulk’ e-mails sent by my project administrators”.  Select ‘No’ to unsubscribe.
  • Click Save.

That’s it.  You will no longer receive any correspondence from those of us who are co-administrators to the Grant DNA Project.

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