Introduction to Our Blog

Welcome to the Grant DNA Project blog, an extension of our Grant DNA Project website.  The primary purpose of including a blog link from the website is to allow the co-administrators the opportunity to discuss in greater detail thoughts or answer questions regarding test results found in our DNA project.  You might say, the blogs are for the benefit of participants new to DNA genealogy who may  need additional help in understanding this new technology.  It is easier to discuss it in this format than to change the website.

One would think that we could incorporate the blog into the website to appear seemless to the reader.  However, it is a challenge to the webmaster to incorporate our blog site into, the free host for our Grant DNA Project website.

Below are the blogs posted to date.  You can also narrow your search by clicking on one of the categories listed under the Categories heading located to the right.  There, you will see all the blogs posted to date in that category.  You can also see the Recent Blogs posted and a list of some, if not all, blogs submitted by Author.

You may not agree with everything posted, but we hope you will read the posts in the spirit for which they were intended.  If you have a different opinion, please be respectful of the writer and polite when responding directly through the kit number and email address.  Opposing views with supporting facts will be added as a separate post.  Thanks.

We hope you enjoy our blog site!

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