Family Finder Confirmation Issues

If you are a participant in Family Finder one of FTDNA testing kits, this note may be of assistance to you when it comes to Confirmation of matches between to participants.

For the benefit of all, a Confirmation of a surname match requires each of you to be able to find the common ancestor. To assume that you can Confirm a match because you have the same surname in in your family tree is not sufficient. Each of you must start with yourself (or other member of the family) and trace your line back to the common ancestor. The other participant must do the same thing. When the common ancestor has been identified, then you and your matching participant can Confirm the match.

Personally, all of matches to date, have been from the female members of my family, not Grants. I find this to be quite interesting. This fact may be due in part that on 34 Grant participants have pruchased the Family Finder kit.

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