Family Finder Tidbits

If you previously purchase the Family Finder Kit, please check your Release Note when you sign in to your personal FamilyTreeDNA page. On August 19, FTNDA indicated they had found an error in the Family Finder program that may have caused some potential matches to be missing. FTDNA has corrected the issue and re-ran the program. If would behove you to check your results again to see if you have some new matches.

I also received a note from a fellow administrator of the Talley project noting some reasons for participating in the Family Finder project.

“This test will give both men and women matches anywhere in their six generation pedigree chart. Men and women can take it and they can match each other. The test tells you the approximate cousin level or other relationship you are (2nd cousins, uncle or aunt, half sibling, etc.). I say approximate as each family can be a bit different as some of our ancestors married their cousins so we have more DNA from one pair of ancestors than if we had two different pairs.

For this test, it is beneficial to test the older generations (your mother/grandfather, etc), if possible as this will take you back one more generation beyond what testing you can do. Of course, that would only give you one side of your family where if you test, you get matches from both your parents. Also, many of us are testing ourselves and our cousins. This can help you determine from what branch of your family a third-party match can be.

it can also help you with your other genealogy. The reason I say 6th generation and back is because we inherit this type of DNA (called autosomal DNA or atDNA) from our ancestors in different amounts. Some of us may not show DNA from all of our 64 fourth great grandparents (6th generation).

This can be helpful for people who were adopted, also. AND…if you know anyone who was adopted they may be interested in a new book on finding your adoptive parents by using good genealogy and DNA.”

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