Welcome to the Grant DNA Project blog site.  If you found us through any avenue other than our Grant DNA Project website hosted by, you may not fully understand what we are all about.  This blog site is a link from our Project site containing detailed information regarding the results of our DNA participants.

The Grant DNA Project was started in 2004 by a small group of Grants who wanted to move beyond a brickwall that blocked their pursuit of distant ancestors.  The relatively new genealogy DNA technology offered an opportunity to find distant cousins who might not know each other.

Once the project was launched through FamilyTreeDNA, the world’s largest DNA research company, our project grew rather quickly.  Today, we have over 250 participants and we continue to grow.

The project is not exclusive only to the Grant surname, as there are a number of septs (other family names, i. e., Allen, Allan, Caine, Bisset, Suttie, etc.) associated with the Grant Clan.  Thus, many people will find matching DNA with people with different surnames.  We welcome anyone who would like to join the Grant DNA project, especially if they believe they have roots to a Grant line.

The purpose of this blog site is to allow the co-administrators to expand their thoughts in a simple format, to reflect on events, test results, trends, groupings/subgroupings, or simply to discuss the value of additional testing based on current results of participants.

As time goes by, we may find other opportunities to expand our blog’s purpose and allow participants to comment or submit their own blog.

Across the top of the page just below the picture, you will see links to various pages.  You will find all blogs under the Blog tab, though there is a Category box on the right margin that allows you to select a general topic area.  Also to the right is a list of Blogs by Author.

We hope you find this blog site of interest.  Feel free to contact us to offer your thoughts, understandings, or to make suggestions.